Friday, July 07, 2006

I'm moving

Dear Blogspot,

I'm leaving; it's not me, it's you. Sorry, Blogger, but your 'endearing quirks' have got the best of me.

I'm moving to Blogsome. I'm still working on making it my own, and it looks pretty bleak and barren right now... but I can post pictures, and so far, every time I've gone to it, the entire blog shows up - not just the header.

So for anyone that's interested, my new home is at:

I'll keep this blog too, even though I plan eventually to copy the posts from here to there - but I can't give this one up entirely. I still love the template!



PS: For those following me on the Cosa MOFstra, I'm having issues getting the code to show up on the new blog - sorry! I'm working on it.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Poor DH

Which is worse - setting an appointment several days away for a job interview or setting an appointment several days away to meet with the bishop? LOL

He just got called by someone to set up a job interview for the position he applied for a couple weeks ago. The interview isn't until Monday afternoon. He's already a mass of nerves. I asked him which was worse - waiting for a job interview or waiting to find out a new calling? He laughed and said they're both horrible... it's the anticipation that kills him.

Any positive thoughts or prayers for him would be nice, by the way. It would be wonderful if he got this job -- the job description sounds like it was written for him and it's in a new building about 5 minutes from our house. Best of all, he'd escape from the job that he dreads so much.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Argh. OK, no pics, just lots of words.

I tell ya, Blogger's really pushing my buttons. I'm gonna have to check out Blogsome, I think.

There are more pics, but it won't let me put them up. There's a whole series of DH and Sweet Girl painting a tea set she got for her birthday, the cool early anniversary present DH brought home, some cute pics of Sweet Girl 'playing' a guitar, and then there's our whole Lagoon trip, plus visiting with the in-laws on Saturday. Maybe eventually I'll get them posted.

But, until I can post pics, I'll blog about my busy week while it's still freshly seared in my brain, LOL.

So… it was a heck of a long week! Monday night DH got home late from helping his dad cut hay (like 9:30) and then we decided for sure to take a trip to Lagoon. I started some laundry and made packing lists. Tuesday we took off to Utah, and when we got there I helped DH unload the truck and get the kids settled, then I was off to a girl’s night out dinner with some of my Utah friends from a private message board I belong to. That was a ton of fun! My mom, sister, her kids and one of my nephews also came down, and on Wednesday we all headed off to Lagoon. The kids, of course, had a magnificent time together. My mom and sister graciously agreed to watch our kids for a few hours at Lagoon, and DH and I took off and went to the Bountiful temple. That was really nice - it’s always nice to get to the temple together, and we love visiting different temples when we’re on the road.

Thursday we went to Lagoon again for a few more hours while Mom, my sister and the kids went to the dinosaur museum, then headed home. On Friday I got to go to Cub Scout Day Camp and help for a few hours. I supervised the water bottle rockets and little alka-seltzer mini-rockets…. it was actually a lot of fun! But I did get a little sunburn - ouch. Within 20 minutes of coming home, DH wanted to leave and go check out some laptops at the local computer outlet, so off we went - with the sprinklers going in the backyard and Little Man kind of needing to be changed, no diaper bag in the car - we were coming back in a half hour, right? Well, after deciding that those laptops were too spendy, we decided to head to Best Buy and price laptops there. Very long story short, 5 hours later we were home with a new laptop and all the ‘necessary’ accessories. The back yard and garden were very well watered! LOL While we were at Best Buy, I called Munchkin and wished him Happy Birthday - poor kid turned 13 in the middle of nowhere, no friends, no party, no card, no cake, only one quick ‘happy birthday, kid’ in the morning from his dad - and he and Kiddo were by themselves all night, since my ex went to work. We got home and to bed late.

Saturday we took off to visit DH's family for the day. We got there just in time for DH to grill the bulgogi - we had a great meal and visited with everyone. DH's mom wanted everyone together to have a combined birthday party for DH and his brother. Sweet Girl had a wonderful day playing with her cousin, who is only 5 months older than she is. I got some great photos of Little Man playing down by the creek. Someday I'll be able to post them.

The only blemish on the day was the conversation I had with my 18-year-old neice:

Neice: Hey, I saw a lady today at WalMart and I thought it was you. She was about the same height, wore glasses, had reddish hair, and was (insert hand motion indicating 8 or 9 months along) pregnant. She really looked like you.
Me: Um. Yeah. Thanks, sweetie. I know I'm fat.
N: No, that's not what I meant. You're not that fat, you're just always pregnant.
Me: Really? Two kids in the ten years you've known me is "always pregnant"?
N: Well, I guess not... but kinda... it seems like it... but, really, you don't look that pregnant...
Me: You just keep digging that hole, hon. Just keep digging.

OK, so they're old pics, but they're still cute

June just kind of went "pbfbfbfbttt" for me. These are the pics I wanted to share last week, but Blogger wouldn't let me, then I was out of town pretty much the rest of the week. So, assuming Blogger is nice today, here are some funny/cute pics from the last few weeks...

Little Man loves Munchkin's bike almost as much as Munchkin does.

Bike ride time!

Little Man's legs are about this.close to being long enough to reach the pedals at the bottom. Doesn't stop him from wanting to ride along with everyone else... good exercise for Mom, I guess.

He's grown up so much! My second teenager!

Nice warning label. Note the last couple sentences. Yeah, right!

It's an Xgames bike, what else is he gonna do? LOL

Monday, June 26, 2006

The last week in photos

Let's see if it'll let me add any more photos yet...

Woot! OK, so - we had Munchkin's birthday a couple weeks early, since that was the only weekend he was going to be here until August. He said he didn't care what the 'theme' was, as long as he got a chocolate cake. So, I took the chocolate idea and ran with it... Munchkin's cake was supposed to look like a chocolate bar. I had grand ideas, a killer recipe, and time to do it... but it still didn't work. Instead of using regular choclate frosting, I made a rich ganache from dark chocolate. When I poured it on and let it set, it had a nice smooth surface and an even sheen - it looked just like a chocolate bar. After it had set for a bit, I used a knife and scored it to make rectangles. Still looked like a plain chocolate bar. Then I went to melt the contrasting chocolate I was going to use to spell his name in the rectangles... and realized I'd grabbed a white chocolate bag instead of milk chocolate. Augh... well, I decided to try it. That's where I made my mistake - it looked horrible! So I let it set and picked it off, leaving big marks in the ganache. I spooned more ganache over it, and smoothed it the best I could, but the damage was done... lumpy, lumpy, lumpy. It looked like regular chocolate frosting. I gritched a bit, then went and printed off "Happy Birthday" in the same font I'd used for his invites, put some waxed paper on the cake, and let Munchkin arrange the words how he liked. It looked silly, and wasn't at all what I'd envisioned... but it tasted divine.

And he didn't really care about the cake after he saw his birthday present! He's been wanting this bicycle for a long time and about fainted when we brought it out.

I'm about ready to pull my hair out, because Blogger is refusing to load pics again. I'll publish this, then come back later to do more. Oh well. Happy almost 13th Birthday, Munchkin!